Cut Your Tomatoes Like A Pro With This Easy Cooking Hack

Flickr/Dave Denby/CC BY

Kitchen hacks are equally as helpful for the home cook as the professional chef. When you stumble upon a technique that was right under your nose the whole time, you might have that “aha!” moment while you secretly wish you came up with it yourself.

Slicing up some cherry tomatoes or grapes can be a little time consuming when you’re prepping for lunch or dinner. Sometimes you really don’t have the time to stand there and slice each individual tomato. They tend to go flying off the plate and it’s just generally frustrating. For those of you who might not be the most patient, make life easier for yourself with this tomato-cutting hack.

It’s possible this idea first came into play from the¬†Rachel Ray show and since then, people all across the culinary world have been creating their own adaptations of this cooking hack. The basic idea is to take two plastic lids (for example, like from a grated cheese container) and place a handful of cherry tomatoes in between them. Cut all of the tomatoes in one smooth slice with a serrated knife. You could apply the same technique to grapes, olives or cherries. The serrated knife should cut seamlessly through¬†all of these ingredients.


Another method in the same realm of tomato-cutting would be using two plates instead of plastic lids. This method works, but the tomatoes might move around more in between the plates since the shape is so rigid. If you’re deciding between the two, plastic lids win. This doesn’t have to be a whole messy process. The technique will shave off a few minutes from your prep work so it’s definitely worth it. Make a cherry tomato, mozzarella and basil salad, a colorful pasta dish or roast them for a fresh tomato sauce. Your life just got easier.