The Tokyo Disneyland Hotel Is Basically Its Own Disney Castle


Staying at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is like playing a constant game of Disney eye-spy. There are more than 700 rooms in the Tokyo hotel, with rooms themed around your favorite characters and there’s a special Walt Disney Suite. And if your meals are not served on a Mickey Mouse plate, you can bet there’s a callout somewhere in the dish.

From the stunning exterior to tea time cookies, you’ll find details to satisfy even the most discerning Disney nerd. Here’s why the Tokyo Disney Hotel might be the perfect accommodation for the ultimate Disney fan.

The hotel itself looks like a palace.

You don’t even need to go to the park, just kick back in your very own castle.

Mickey-shaped treats are everywhere.

Mickey Mouse macaron for the win.

The decor goes above and beyond the theme.

Look for Mickey and Minnie everywhere you go.

You’ll never notice all the tiny Disney details.

Hey there, Tink!

Tea time is an extravagant affair.

Yes, we will try one of everything, thanks.

There are princess-inspired rooms.

We would happily be a guest here.

And fairy-themed rooms.

If you’ve ever wanted to sleep on a flower, this is the suite for you.

And Alice in Wonderland rooms.

We need our own Queen of Hearts headboards.

There is actually Disney royalty everywhere.

Bibbity, bobbity, boo!

The best part? You still have the entire park to explore.

There’s so much Disney adventuring left to do.