Say Hello To The Unofficial Tim Horton’s Secret Menu For Your Next Trip To Canada


Tim Hortons is basically the Dunkin’ Donuts of Canada, but kicked up a few notches. The fast food restaurant is known for its coffee and donuts, especially Timbits, which are the Tim Hortons version of donut holes. One of the best parts about Tim Hortons is that it’ll let you order just about anything you want, no matter how specific you get. Here’s the unofficial secret menu of the beloved Canadian staple.

Cheap Mocha

If you ask for a cheap mocha at Tim Hortons, you’ll get a cup of coffee with a little hot chocolate mixed in. Practical and probably better than you’d expect. They’ll know what you’re talking about when you ask.

Cotton Candy Chill

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Yes, it actually tastes like cotton candy. This secret menu drink has a shot of raspberry, a shot of vanilla and cream. Depending on the ingredients, the color may change and you can get a whipped topping to finish it off.

Tim That Bit Back In

To make Timbits they have to physically punch out the middle of fully formed donuts. For those of you who really want the full donut in all of its original glory, you can ask for a “Tim That Bit Back In,” which is the donut and the donut hole and you’re charged separately for each. Hey, it’s your life.

Hash Brown Breakfast Sandwich

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Your average coffee chain probably won’t accommodate your random breakfast sandwich cravings, but Tim Hortons lets you live your dreams. Hash brown breakfast sandwiches are on the table.

White Hot Chocolate With Chai Tea

Why spend $6 at Starbucks, when you can go to Tim Hortons and order the same thing for way cheaper? Get the white hot chocolate and ask for a chai tea bag. BOOM. It’s a fan fave.

Half Chili And Half Lasagna

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If you go into a Tim Hortons and you can’t decide what you want, you can get half and half, like half chili and half lasagna. The restaurant’s just accommodating like that.

 A Cup Of Chocolate Whipped Cream

Since you can go into Tim Hortons and ask for just about anything you can dream up, it’s only fitting that you could ask for a cup of chocolate whipped cream. If they have chocolate whipped cream back there, there’s no reason they wouldn’t give it to you. No judgement.

The Gretzky

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When you go up to the counter and ask for “The Gretzky,” be careful, you’re getting a cup of coffee with nine sugars and nine creams. Yikes.

Glazed Donut Sandwich

Yeah that’s right. If you want your sausage, egg, cheese, lettuce and tomato in between two chocolate glazed donuts, they’ll do it.

Bagel With BBQ Sauce

Apparently certain Tim Hortons locations are stocked with BBQ sauce and it’s been said that a bagel with BBQ sauce and cream cheese isn’t a terrible idea. This is questionable for sure, but thank you Tim Hortons for being so open-minded.

For your next trip to a Timmies, go see how far you can push the secret menu.