5 Things You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Splurging On


If you know us by now, you know that we love sharing tips on how to spend less and save more. But today is not that day. We’re here to talk about splurging, and why it’s actually okay to splurge from time to time. More specifically, here are five things that you should never feel guilty spending your dough on:

1. Fitness

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Have you ever heard someone say, “Ugh, I shouldn’t have spent so much on my now-ripped body!!!”? The answer is no. And honestly, investing in your own fitness and wellness will never not be worth it. You could save money in the long run as a result of your improved health, which makes the investment all the more worth it.

2. Your Mattress (And Pillows)


Guess what, friends? The quality of your mattress can seriously affect your wellbeing. Old or cheap mattresses aren’t made to support your body well, so skimping on your bed could hurt your spine and neck in the long run. You should replace your mattress approximately every decade. Plus, getting quality sleep is critical to your health.

3. Career-Building Classes Or Seminars

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It’s no surprise that continuing your education could earn you more money in your career. That’s why in our opinion, shelling out extra cash to enroll in classes or seminars that will teach you a valued skill for your profession is worth it. Taking the financial plunge to sign up for grad school or just a workshop could be the difference between your current job and a potential raise or higher position within your company. Better yet: your company may just pay for your continued education.

4. Doctor Or Dentist Appointments

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Similar to fitness, your health is everything. Though this point might be totally obvious, not everyone gives their wellbeing the time and attention it deserves. When was the last time you got a check-up or dental cleaning? If you aren’t on top of your appointments, schedule them ASAP. Depending on your insurance, the co-pays and visit fees can add up, but you’ll never regret going, especially if it ensures you’re in the best possible shape.

5. Work Clothes


Here’s the deal with your career wardrobe: if you’re still wearing that blouse your mom bought you for your first internship that has a “barely noticeable” tear on the side, it’s time to go shopping. Dropping a few hundo on some sturdy basics and a few statement pieces will help you go far. Studies show that those who dress well actually are more successful than those who don’t. We’re just saying, that money could return to you faster than you think.