There’s An App For Perfectly Pairing Music With Your Food


You know when you sit down after making dinner, put on your favorite tunes and all seems good in the world? There’s an app called Musical Pairing that allows you to pair music with food and beverages so that you can experience your meals in an entirely new way.

The app is designed to make the whole pairing process easy. You choose what kind of meal you’re having — whether it’s breakfast, an appetizer, dessert, lunch or an entree. You answer questions about your protein, sides, what type of bread you’re having and the spiciness level. It’ll then calculate your musical pairing number and tell you which drink to pair with your meal.

Numerical values are assigned to each element of what your eating. The food is then matched to musical pieces based on genre, tempo, type of instrument and dynamics, all through technology. When the food number equals the musical numerical value, your whole meal experience becomes enhanced.

Once you pick a music genre, you get suggestions and the app will link to where you can buy the song in the iTunes store. If you’re having a spicy tuna roll for dinner, it says you should listen to some Pitbull. If you’re having pizza, it suggests drinking an IPA and listening to Sam Smith.

There’s research that demonstrates the influence different types of music have on the enjoyment of a meal, which suggests that Musical Pairing is onto something. The app is easy to use and it’ll take your meals to the next level.

Download the app here.