04/15/19 Newsletter: The Truth About Your Sleeping Habits


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While sleeping on your side has been linked to positive qualities like being calm, open-minded and good at compromising, there’s a negative that’s a must-know. According to one doctor in a report for Psychology Today, sleeping on your right side means there’s a higher chance of being addicted to caffeine or cigarettes. On the flip side, sleeping on your left might mean you’re more creative and well-educated. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Nail Polish Edition

Get a grip! If the hardest part of a manicure is opening the nail polish bottle, use a rubber band for an extra bit of help. Besides coloring your nails, you can color-code your keys with a quick brush of polish.


Get ready to spice things up at the gym with progressive overload. The idea of progressive overload is basically making sure you’re changing up the stimulus of your workout enough to keep your body from getting stagnant. This can be achieved by switching up the height of your box jump or shortening the breaks between sets, which helps you be more metabolically efficient. [Well + Good]

Career + Finance + Tech

About 12 percent of employees at Amazon and 7 percent at Google lied on their resume to land the job. The study by Blind found that these tech giants weren’t the only ones with dishonest employees. German-based multinational software company SAP topped the list with 12.5 percent of employees having lied, while Salesforce ranked the lowest, with about 3 percent of its workers having twisted the truth. [Swirled]

Editors’ Pick:

hint: subtly infuses water with real fruit essences and skips all the sugar and artificial sweeteners other products rely on. The result? A crisp, tasty and refreshing beverage that makes it easy (and enjoyable) to lead a healthy lifestyle. For being a loyal Swirled subscriber, hint is giving you 35 percent off three cases of their best-selling flavors — watermelon, pineapple and blackberry — plus free shipping!

Food + Drink

There are some seriously bizarre cream cheese flavors out there. Walk into any New York deli and you’ll be overwhelmed by cream cheese flavor options. But did you know that you can find caviar cream cheese? Or what about dessert flavors like birthday cake and cookies ‘n’ cream? Or even kimchi cream cheese? Yeah, we think that’s taking things a little too far. Pizza cream cheese, on the other hand, has us genuinely intrigued. Read on to learn more fun facts about cream cheese you probably don’t know. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Everything bagel-seasoned chicken tenders seriously are everything. Coat chicken pieces in egg and toss in a mixture of panko bread crumbs and everything bagel seasoning (we love the one from Trader Joe’s!), bake for 15 minutes and they’re ready to serve. You could even cut the tenders into bite-sized pieces before coating for mini chicken bites — yum! [Averie Cooks]

A quick tip from yours truly: Panko breadcrumbs give a crunchier texture than regular breadcrumbs, but you can totally swap one for the other. Other coating ideas you should def try are crushed pretzels, cornflakes or rice cereal.

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We love traveling, but when your travels also have a purpose they become even more rewarding and memorable. Whether you want to help elephants in Thailand return to their natural habitat or head to Ghana to teach kids in underprivileged circumstances the adventures are going to last long after your trip is over. [Swirled]

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