Newsletter 5/15/18: The Trick To Know If You’re Dehydrated

the trick to know if you're dehydrated


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Life Hack Of The Day: Calculator Edition

Swipe left or right on an iPhone calculator to delete the last number so you don’t have to start all over again.

Up Your Health Game

Going Under

Ever wanted to wear the same underwear over and over without worrying about hygiene? Ehh, us either, but the option’s out there now, thanks to sustainable fashion brand Organic Basics. The company weaves silver into its fabric, which apparently kills 99 percent of bacteria. And, it has shirts and socks too! [Swirled]

Poppin’ (Dietary) Supplements

While supplements are great for giving you the nutrients you’re not getting in your diet, look at what you eat before turning to pills. The goal is to reach 100 percent of your daily nutrients, so if you’re already getting them through food, don’t take that supplement! [Swirled]

Say Hi-Drate

Wanna know if you’re well-hydrated? Pinch the skin on your abdomen or arm for three seconds, then let go and watch. If the color of your skin returns to normal immediately, you’re good to go. If it takes a moment, you’re likely dehydrated. [Well+Good]

Live Like A Boss

Cooking Up Commencement

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke to Duke 2018 graduates on how to succeed in life. His best advice? Use your skills for the greater good, dare to think (and be) different, challenge the status quo and learn to be unapologetically fearless. [Swirled]

Oprah’s Sage Advice

Need an extra dose of inspo? Oprah has you covered. Her best advice for succeeding in life: “Put your honor where your mouth is.” That means keeping your promises, working hard and always being true to yourself and your purpose. This is your time to rise, friends. [Swirled]

On A Hire Level

Looking for that next big gig? According to the LinkedIn Guide To Getting Hired in 2018, you should apply like crazy from June to August, make sure your LinkedIn profile is top-notch and include soft skills like research and public speaking on your page. [Forbes]

Savor Each Bite

The Sweet Life

A theme park in Japan is making your dreams a reality. Say hello to Hakone Kowakien Yunessun, a hot spring haven where guests can relax in maple syrup-scented baths. Located two hours outside of Tokyo, the hot cake bath supposedly promotes blood circulation and it’s said to be moisturizing AF for your skin. Bonus: It smells like a heavenly breakfast treat. [Swirled]

I’m Blue, Da Ba Dee Da Ba Wine

If you’ve never heard of blue wine, this new type of vino is about to blow your mind. Created by a Spanish company called Gik, the wine is a perfect blend of red and white grapes pigmented with indigo and anthocyanin. With sweet and fruity notes that are best enjoyed chilled, the adventurous blend will run you $16 a bottle. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

A simple pasta dish that’s both healthy and indulgent, fettuccine with walnuts, lemon and herbs is a no-brainer. [Not Without Salt]

Pack Your Bags

Island Hopping

Interested in a tropical getaway? There are plenty of low-budget island trips you can take this year without killing your wallet. The Bahamas, for example, are not only super accessible from the U.S., but they’re known for low-cost lodging. The best part: you won’t have to switch currencies. [Swirled]

Party Under The Moon

Nearly every month of the year, Thailand throws an insane rager known as the Full Moon Party. Located on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, you can attend the party, which involves giant cocktails served in a bucket, fire dancers and neon body paint. [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day

Just because winter is over doesn’t mean you have to give up the cozy life. You can get your summer hygge on with $330 roundtrip tickets from most major U.S. cities to Copenhagen, Denmark. [The Points Guy]

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