Newsletter 6/12/18: 🍷The Trick To Avoiding A Wine Hangover

the trick to avoiding a wine hangover

Unsplash/Kym Ellis

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Wine About It

Having your way with a bottle of your favorite wine might seem like a great idea… until you’re nursing a wicked headache the next morning. Want to skip the pain? Doctors suggest drinking two cups of coffee before drinking the wine. The caffeine will help counteract any negative effects of the vino. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Vodka Edition

Make cheap vodka taste better by running it through a Brita filter.

Power Up

You’ve Gotta Be Kitten Me

Treating your animals like humans benefits more than your strong bond with them. Research shows that regularly chatting with your little fur ball keeps you mentally sound, and feeding them quality food helps you pay closer attention to your own diet. [Swirled]

That’s Crispy

If you haven’t heard of the latest biotech technique CRISPR, it’s time to get acquainted. The breakthrough involves removing a snippet of bad DNA and replacing it with a better version, like copying and pasting. The technique hasn’t been perfected, but it’s the first step toward some major discoveries. [Lifehacker]

Live Like A Boss

The App Of My Eye

Need to get productive? Don’t do it alone — there are apps out there that can help! FocusList, for example, helps you prioritize your day in hourly increments, allowing you to personalize how much time you spend on each task. [Swirled]

That Electric Feel

If 2018 is anything like 2017, you’ll see a ton of electric cars on the road. Last year, the number of electric cars rose to 3.1 million, which is a 57 percent increase over 2016. Yasss, eco-friendly transportation! [Fast Company]

A Solid Investment

A Merrill Lynch report found that though 70 percent of millennial women diligently check their bank accounts and 53 percent have a solid emergency fund, 56 percent aren’t investing. Why? Sixty percent say they don’t feel they know enough about investing to jump in. [Forbes]

Savor Each Bite

Too Good To Be Healthy

Looking for a way to make fresh, healthy meals that taste every bit as indulgent as you’d like? Try a health-conscious meal delivery service like Freshly. The service offers 100 percent natural, gluten-free meals. Even better: The meals are delivered in biodegradable packaging.  [Swirled]

I’m In Love With The Cocoa

We bet you’ve had Hershey’s chocolate before, but there’s a lot about the mega-brand that you might not know. The company started out by making caramel, and it created heat-resistant chocolate bars that could hold up in 120-degree heat during WWII. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Bang out your Tuesday dinner in a snap with this bang bang shrimp pasta recipe. Your weekday meal prep just got a whole lot spicier. [Spicy Southern Kitchen]

Pack Your Bags

Canyon Do It?

If you’re into extreme sports, don’t count out canyoning. The activity involves following a body of water through a canyon via body rafting, rock climbing, cliff jumping and swimming. You have to go with a guide because, you know, danger, but it’s a serious thrill you shouldn’t miss. [Swirled]

Isle Take That!

There’s so much more to Mexican island life than Puerto Vallarta. If you’re searching for a wilder untamed locale, check out the Marietas Islands. To get there, you’ll need to book an excursion through a tour operator. Psst… there’s even a hidden beach. [Swirled]

Deal Of The Day

Got Hong Kong on the brain? How about Singapore? Right now, you can fly roundtrip from U.S. cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and Portland to these southeast Asian destinations starting at just $399. Yep, that’s a steal. [Travel + Leisure]

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