3 Free Productivity Apps That Will Help You Get Your Life Together


Keeping yourself productive throughout the day can seem challenging, especially with so many distractions around. But as impossible as it may feel, you need to keep your head in the game (and even more so when your schedule gets crazy hectic).

What better way to regain your focus than to get a little help doing so? Here are the best free productivity apps for even the most scatterbrained person.

1. FocusList (iOS)

If you think in terms of hours or minutes, you need FocusList. The free app allows you to add your daily events and how much time you’d like to spend on each one. As the day goes on, your app will notify you when to start and stop a task and time you on each one to make sure that you stay focused. If you go past a certain time, the app will track it and remind you of how much time you spent on each day’s points.

2. Forest (iOS/Android)

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Want something a little more interactive and playful? Download Forest. You’ll log your tasks each day, and as long as you stay on the app and stay focused on your task, the app will simulate the planting and growing of a tree. The coolest part of the app? For every tree you digitally plant on the app, a real tree is planted somewhere in the world. The app partners with the tree-planting organization Trees for the Future to help keep the world beautiful.

3. Strides (iOS/Android)

Want to keep all the areas of your life in check? Strides is a free app that allows you to track every aspect of your day, including work, exercise, nutrition and travel — and keep you focused on each one. The primary purpose of the app is to show you what your good and bad habits are, as well as the areas you aren’t dedicating enough time to each day. You’ll even have access to visual aids and exact percentages of your progress across all categories, so there’s literally no excuse not to get shit done.