Savvy Saver 05/15/19: The Top Way To Build Good Credit

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Budget Tip Of The Week: Build good credit by simply paying off your credit card bills every month.

Boosting your credit score and building your credit experience is as easy as signing up for a new credit card and paying it off every month. You can start by looking at the credit cards that your bank offers, to sign up for one that can be easily connected to your checking account for quick payments. Once you have the card, start small by paying for little purchases like gas or coffee. Then, pay it off on time and in full to build good credit. [Swirled]

Definition Of The Week: Stock

Stock is the general term used to describe the shares, or parts, that make up a whole company. If you own stock, you may own one or more shares of a company, which means you own part of the business. [Swirled]

Digit Of The Week: 6.2%

The percentage of Medicare tax that’s taken out of your paycheck every payday. Your employer also pays 6.2 percent toward Medicare. This tax is taken out of your paycheck after your pre-tax benefits like health insurance and your employer-sponsored 401(k).


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