04/26/19 Newsletter: The Best Pretzel Recipe Ever

Sally's Baking Addiction

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1. What To Make: Soft Pretzels

It’s National Pretzel Day — let’s make some homemade pretzels! Pretzels are an easy snack to make and seriously is there anything better than a freshly baked, hot pretzel? Yum! The ingredient list is simple: water, yeast, salt, brown sugar, butter and flour. Mix until a sticky dough is formed, then knead and rest for 10 minutes. While the dough rests, boil a pot of water with some baking soda. Shape and twist the dough into the iconic pretzel shape, or pretzel bites, drop in the boiling water for 20-30 seconds then drain, sprinkle with salt and bake. Check out the full recipe + video here. [Sally’s Baking Addiction]

2. Life Hack Of The Day: Shower Curtain Edition

Be sure to always close your shower curtain after taking a shower. If you keep them bunched up, water continues to cling to them well after the shower is done and they don’t have a chance to dry, giving mold the perfect opportunity to grow inside your tub and on the curtain as well. Ick. (Psst… It also hides those unsightly bottles of shampoo and conditioner.)

3. Workout Of The Week: Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a fitness app that helps you get fit on your own terms — with workouts guided by experts. It’s never too late to get started on your goals — save money on your workouts this month with a 30-day free trial of Aaptiv now!

4. What To Watch: “The Perfect Date”

Seriously, we can’t get enough rom-coms and teen-centric “The Perfect Date” is a must-watch. To save up for college, Brooks Rattigan  (Noah Centineo) creates an app to offer his services as a fake date to make money for college. When he develops feelings for Celia (actress Laura Marano) his plan gets complicated. [Netflix]

5. What To Buy: Grove: The Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Seasonal Scents Collection

The Mrs. Meyer’s Spring Seasonal Scents Collection has arrived — just in time to create a healthier home this spring. Shop now and receive a free gift with your first purchase of $39 or more.

6. What To Listen To: “Household Name Podcast”

If you live for knowing the story behind the name, you’re going to love “Household Name” The podcast features the surprising stories behind biggest and well-known household name brands. Host Dan Bobkoff finds tales of tragedy, love, strange histories, unintended consequences and accidental success. And in each episode, we find out how these brands changed our lives – for better or worse. [Business Insider]

7. R&R: Herbal Facial Steam

Treat your skin to the ultimate herbal facial steam. Grab a handful of dried herbs and mix them in a small bowl. Then, boil water in a tea kettle and pour it into the bowl. Drape a towel over your face so you can trap and absorb all that good steam until you feel the water getting cold. Ahhh… [Swirled]

8. Check This Out: Survey Junkie

Want to make a few extra bucks in just a few minutes? Well, you can with SurveyJunkie. It’s super simple — all you have to do is sign up on Survey Junkie’s website and build your profile. Then you get matched with brands that want you to take their surveys. You review products, offer feedback and can really have an influence with your opinion. Once you’ve done the survey, you earn virtual points that you can redeem via PayPal or for e-gift cards for places like Amazon or Target.

9. Dream Destination: Boise, Idaho

The most Idaho hotel ever just became available on Airbnb — it’s a giant potato in the middle of hundreds of acres of farmland and it’s seriously adorbs. After a night nestled in the potato, hit up the Idaho Botanical Gardens or the Boise River Greenbelt for a well-rounded trip.  [The Cut]

10. Wild Card: National Park Week

National Park Week ends this Sunday, April 28th, so take advantage of the 58 National Parks in the United States and all the beautiful spaces and open land they provide. Need some park inspo? Check out Valley Forge National Historical Park and see the winter encampment of the Continental Army or take a hike through Glacier National Park in Montana which boasts over 700 miles of trails and unbelievable sunsets. [Swirled]

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