The Beatrice Inn Is Where Beef Boss Angie Mar Takes The Stage

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  • You can’t get any cooler than the grilling and dry-aging savant, and the newest owner of The Beatrice Inn, Angie Mar — this notorious space in the West Village has gained a reputation as an edgy protein-focused eatery, exercising live fire techniques and wet/dry aging all of their meats
  • Badass meat-centric chef Angie Mar — previously of Marlow & Sons and Reynard before training under April Bloomfield and her team at the Michelin-starred Spotted Pig — recently purchased The Beatrice Inn from Vanity Fair’s editor Graydon Carter, and re-opened the sought-after space as her own
  • Chef Mar is dedicated to whole animal and nose-to-tail butchery and has become known for her elaborate, awe-inspiring presentations. Go for the milk-braised pork shoulder (jasmine rice soubise, hen of the woods mushrooms, and sage), and the 30-day dry-aged lamb burger (gruyere, blackberry mustard, and mint), or be bold and try the game pie (wild boar, lamb, and venison)
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The historic Beatrice Inn has been the home to a very diverse range of establishments over the years, including a Prohibition-era speakeasy, a family-run Italian joint, a covert club for A-listers, and an old-school steakhouse. Now helmed by the fearless chef Angie Mar, who knows what’ll happen next?