You Can Visit Thailand For As Little As $10 A Day

thailand on $10 a day

Unsplash/Mathew Schwartz

On a strict budget but have a hankering to see the world? You can visit Thailand for $10 a day once you get a hold of a cheap plane ticket. Here’s how you can pull it off.

Eat: $3 And Up

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Libby Ryan

There’s only one way to eat cheap and delicious food in Thailand, and that’s to fill up on street food. We’ve seen pad Thai for as little as 30 Thai baht on the side of the road, which is just about $1. Honestly, for how delicious that dish is, the bang for your buck is practically stealing.

Drink: $2 And Up

Thai beer tends to be Chang or Singha and rarely runs more than the equivalent of $3, even on expensive tourist beaches like Koh Phangan’s Haad Rin and Koh Phi Phi’s Loh Dalam Bay. If you go splits with a friend on a larger container, you can get it even cheaper at a supermarket.

Sleep: $5 And Up

thailand on $10 a day

Libby Ryan

While a fancy hotel might cost you around $50 a night (we know, what a splurge), you can find decent hostels for just $5 like¬†Chiang Mai’s Hug Hostel. But if you’re not that ready to rough it, you can split an Airbnb with a few friends and get the cost down to close to $10 per person in Chiang Mai, Bangkok or Phuket.

Play: Free

The best things in Thailand are free, such as wandering the street markets (although you know you’ll want to buy a couple of souvenirs), lounging on the beach (watch out for those tempting cocktails served in coconuts) and visiting the temples (there’s an occasional entrance fee to go inside, and a massage by a trained specialist on the premises will cost you even more).

Bottom line: $10 a day is totally doable for a Thai vacation, but if you bump up that daily allotment to $20, you can live the high life without even trying.


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