If You Hate Feet, This Thai Massage Is Your Worst Nightmare


How do you feel about feet? If you can’t stand to have them anywhere near you, turn back now because this story is definitely not for you. If you don’t mind feet, you may need to try this ancient Thai massage. The fire foot massage, which is formally called Yam Khang, pushes the envelope on unique relaxation techniques, and we’re not sure how we feel about it.

Dating back 2,500 years, Yam Khang involves applying heated oil using only feet. Yeah, it looks as wild as it sounds.

The masseuse is usually specially trained for the practice since it involves a lot of skill, not to mention the risk he or she takes when dipping his or her feet into a flaming pot of oil.

The routine is very ceremonial: first, the masseuse dips his or her feet into therapeutic healing water infused with herbs, sesame oil and ginger oil. The massage begins as the masseuse rubs one foot over your arms, legs, back and torso, constantly dipping back into the flaming oil.

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We’d hope the¬†masseuse’s feet are clean, but we can’t say for sure. If you couldn’t even make it through the video above, this massage is definitely not for you. For the rest of you, try it out and report back to us. We’ll cheer you on from afar, because TBH this looks like something we’re not ready to try¬†just yet.