This Restaurant Is Serving Tarantula Burgers And We’re Screaming

Tarantula burger


If you have crippling arachnophobia, you may want to stop reading now. There’s a restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, that’s serving a “tarantula burger” in celebration of Exotic Meat Month. Yep, that’s a thing. Bull City Burger and Brewery is serving up this tarantula burger for the entire month of April.

The “Tarantula Challenge” will cost you $30. You’ll get a pasture-raised North Carolina beef burger with an oven-roasted tarantula, melted gruyere cheese and a spicy chili sauce on top. If you have any interest in trying this eight-legged menu creation, you can sign up for this limited-time challenge either at the restaurant or online.

If you eat the tarantula burger, you’ll get a whopping $500 dollars. Just kidding! All you’ll get is a free T-shirt to make up for all of the furry legs you just digested. Cool. Thanks, Bull City for awarding the most anti-climactic prize for eating a giant spider.


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