6/13/19 Newsletter: Take A Mental Health Day

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You may not have considered taking a sick day for your mental health, but we highly recommend it. If you’re finding yourself perpetually distracted, facing a creative block or just feeling burnt out, a day just for you could be exactly what the doctor ordered. Regardless of why you’re taking a mental health day, make the most of it — take a walk, clean or get yourself organized — so that you’re back on your feet when it’s over. The bottom line: take care of yourself, your mind deserves a break from time to time. [Swirled]

Life Hack Of The Day: Pillow Edition

If your pillows have gone flat try putting them out in the sun for 30 minutes. The sun will kill bacteria and absorb moisture, plumping up your pillow and making it almost as light and fluffy as the day you bought it. [Hunker]


Pure aloe juice drinks that leave some of the pulp intact can be a great addition to your weekly wellness routine. Though it’s most commonly known as a topical treatment for severe sunburns, aloe is packed with folic acid, vitamins, and has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe the symptoms of many things including psoriasis. Although aloe can be a little slimy in texture and sour in taste, the benefits definitely make it well worth trying. [Swirled]

Career + Finance + Tech

It’s nearly impossible to catch every single shady email. But believe us — you should know when a scammer’s on the loose. Be on the lookout for some red flags including strange-sounding subject lines, email addresses that don’t seem legitimate or any email where the sender is asking for personal information. If the sender is pretending to be someone important, like the IRS, you’ll know it’s a fake just by the way they’re asking you for information. No legitimate organization would request information that way. [Swirled]

Editors’ Picks:

23andMe: Celebrate dads and grad’s DNA, with 23andMe. Give them the gift of 125+ personalized reports on health, traits and more. Right now get $50 off health and ancestry kit!

Facetory: Facetory started in sunny California with a group of sheet mask junkies who came together to curate and run a monthly sheet mask subscription box! Experience the best at home spa and receive 4-7 hand-picked, tested and curated sheet masks every month starting from $7.57 plus free shipping.

Brandless: From your weekly grocery order to a variety of items for your fave pooch — stop overspending on name brand items and shop Brandless instead. With direct shipping and no middleman, you’ll save money on everything you need to live your best life.

*Note: The Magnum Ice Cream x Saks Fifth Avenue Sampling Pop-Up mentioned in the 6/7 newsletter has been moved to Tuesday, 6/18.

Food + Drink

Food and travel go hand in hand, so while you’re out exploring, be sure to check out some of the best street foods the world has to offer. If you’re headed to Japan, try a steaming bowl of ramen. Eating gets sweet in Thailand with mango sticky rice, a popular dessert across several Southeast Asian countries. In Germany, you’ll want to try a sausage dish called currywurst. Start exploring, your tastebuds will thank you! [The Daily Meal]

Recipe Of The Day: Curb your fried food cravings with a delicious recipe of crispy eggplant topped off with a fresh minty yogurt sauce. Start by mixing plain yogurt with mint jelly, lime juice and salt. Set aside while you start on the eggplant. Dredge eggplant rounds in flour, then eggs and finally breadcrumbs. Cook the eggplant for one minute on each side or until crisp, wiping the pan with a paper towel between each fry. We can’t wait to try this with our bounty of summer squash, too. [Real Simple]

A quick tip from yours truly: Try panko breadcrumbs instead of American-style breadcrumbs for this recipe. The Japanese-style crumbs are crispier than the American variety making this recipe ultra-crunchy and delicious.

Do you have a kitchen tip to share? Let us know: [email protected].


If you and your spouse are looking for a travel destination that offers fresh hops and the best brews around, look no further. Whether it’s visiting the beer museum in Prague or checking out one of several breweries in Portland, Oregon, an amber glass of ale is the perfect way to celebrate your marriage. Check out our list of craft beer havens for all you suds-lovers. [Swirled]

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