You Can Drink Coffee And Play With Alpacas At This Taiwan Cafe


If you’re obsessed with animal cafes, we have another one for you to visit. This Taiwanese cafe offers patrons the incredible opportunity to hang with alpacas while they enjoy their coffee or meal. Heading to Taiwan for vacay? Stop by the Oia Alpaca cafe for an experience you won’t forget.

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The cafe, which is located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, houses a number of baby and adult alpacas onsite. The smaller alpacas roam around the cafe, including the kitchen and barista bar, while the bigger alpacas are on a farm next door to the cafe.

You can feed the alpacas carrots or any food approved by the cafe owner. And, selfies are for the taking. Beware, though, alpacas are notorious for chewing on things so watch your back.

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The cafe serves food, as well as classic coffee beverages, but reviews say that if you’re going to visit, focus on the alpacas and not the food. (Ouch.)

If alpacas are your fave furry friends and you want to hang with them while grabbing a cup of coffee, check out this Taiwanese animal cafe. We’re sure you’ll get your fill of java while making a friend or two.