This Pizza Is Topped With 24 Tacos And We’re Grabbing Our Wallets


Your taco Tuesdays are about to change forever.

Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, New Jersey, makes a taco pizza that’s topped with 24 tacos. The homemade tortillas are stuffed with a secret family recipe for Jewish brisket, which is turned into carne asada, alongside mezcal-marinated steak and chicken. There’s also chipotle sauce and hand-pulled queso Oaxaca Mexican string cheese. Mind you, this is all on top of a pizza. And at the center of this taco pizza is a boatload of guac, pickled jalapeño crema and esquites, an off-the-cob Mexican street corn snack that’s tangy, spicy and sweet.

You can order the pizza from the Hoboken location of Tony Boloney’s on Tuesdays and the Atlantic City location on Thursdays. The entire pie will run you $80, or you can order it by the slice for $12. You’ll definitely want to attack this taco pizza on an empty stomach — one slice and you might be down for the count.

If you live in the area, order a taco pizza here. It’s time to put your game face on.