This Famous Ruin Bar In Budapest Is The Funkiest Farmer’s Market By Day


Once a week, everyone’s favorite Budapest bar turns into the funkiest farmer’s market you’ll ever visit.

Szimpla Kert is Budapest’s original ruin bar, a unique hipster paradise developed in a building left to crumble after World War II.┬áThere’s barely a roof on Szimpla’s dilapidated factory building and it’s filled with mismatched furniture and wacky art.

Budapest has a plethora of crazy cool ruin pubs, but Szimpla still holds the quirky crown. Not only is the eclectic bar packed at night, but on Sunday mornings you can buy produce, cured meats and hand-canned jam.

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Every stand at the Szimpla Farmer’s Market is manned by the actual producer of the goods, whether it’s homemade honey or handcrafted hot pepper jelly. And yes, the kind people at each booth will give you samples. But beware, you’ll want to take home a whole vat of truffle oil when you taste it and hear tales about the farmer’s faithful truffle-hunting dog.

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The coolest part of the Szimpla market? The juxtaposition of buying goods from wholesome craftspeople in the very same place where you can party the night away.

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Szimpla by night is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of bar. It’s never too wild, but you can dance if you want to, or mingle in the backyard.┬áDon’t miss the maze-like rooms upstairs for the best tables in the house (and some pretty great people-watching).

We’d recommend nighttime for your first look at the iconic spot; there’s something fun happening at Szimpla just about every night of the week. But make sure to come back on Sunday morning to see how the mood changes for the market.

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You could spend all day playing eye-spy with all the random art adorning the walls, shelves and ceiling at Szimpla. And in the bright light of Sunday morning, you can see every little detail. You’ll want to. This place is random AF.

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Bonus points if you hit the dance floor on Saturday night and return for Sunday breakfast!