2/21/19 Newsletter: Surprising Benefits Of Baths

surprising benefits of baths

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Just the thought of a bubble bath makes us more relaxed, so it’s no surprise that research shows the mental and physical health benefits of a bath can outweigh a shower. Grab a bath bomb, a delicious smelling candle and go ahead and treat yo’ self. You deserve it.  [Swirled]

*Editor’s Pick: SipCaddy Portable Wine Cup Holder

Who doesn’t need a portable wine cup that allows you to enjoy some vino in the bath?

Life Hack Of The Day: Trash Edition

Put old newspaper at the bottom of your trash can to absorb food juices.


Did You Know? Just one binge-drinking sesh can wreak havoc on your sleep and mess with your DNA, according to a study from the University of Missouri. That doesn’t mean you have to cancel your weekend plans, but if sleep is important to you, count your drinks so you can catch some much needed Zs.  [Swirled]

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Career + Finance

Get productive by checking out some of Google’s best organizational tools. It’s likely you already use Gmail, so if you love it, you gotta check out Inbox (which is not the same thing as your actual Gmail inbox). It’s a more visual platform that allows you to organize your inbox by easily tagging, color-coding and deleting multiple emails at once with the click of a button. [Swirled]

*Editor’s Pick: Birch Stand Shelf Desktop Organizer

We love a good desk organizer, but a birch over-the-laptop option that holds all your pens, tech and notes? Genius.

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Food + Drink

Use leftover tomato paste to elevate your taco night. Swirl some into your veggies and proteins during the cooking process to help create a rich, creamy base. Check out our other favorite ways to use tomato paste. [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day: Homemade quinoa bowls are a one-dish wonder. This version is filled with black beans, vitamin-rich sweet potatoes, spinach and crunchy pepitas, but they are totally customizable — time to get creative! [Simply Recipes]

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WOW Air is featuring $45 flights from the U.S. to Iceland right now. Prices on flights leaving U.S. hubs like New York, Detroit, Boston and Washington, D.C. toward Reykjavik are ridiculously low from February to March of this year. Spontaneous trip? We’re in! [Uproxx]

*Editor’s Pick: Travel Backpack With Packing Cubes

Don’t fly before you buy…a decent backpack with space-saving packing cubes.

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