Here’s The Scoop On The ‘Supermodel’ Workout


Have you ever wondered what really gives models like Karlie Kloss an incredible body (besides having unlimited money for healthy food and trainers galore)? Celebrities are praising the “Supermodel” workout, a lightweight, low-impact workout that is said to tone you without the bulk.

The LA Times recently reported that ModelFIT, a boutique fitness studio with locations in Los Angeles and New York, is the prime place to go to get the signature workout.

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The fitness routine focuses on perfecting the form of poses and your posture, as well as booty shaping. You can expect to use props like two-to-three pound weights, resistance bands and your own weight to sculpt your body. Instructors focus on a combination of moves with short cardio bursts to provide a kickass workout that will keep your heart rate up, but won’t leave you strained.

The classes are small, so each person feels that they have individualized attention from the instructors, who will walk around and adjust your form. They’re flexible, so even beginners can get a lot out of their experience without having to overcompensate.

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Single classes go for $32 a pop. There’s also an option for a monthly membership at the steep price of $425 if your heart desires. You can choose between the classic “sculpt” class or opt for a dance or foundation class for a little variety.

For those of you who don’t necessarily want a workout with a wide range of movement, but still want to look “runway” ready, this workout is for you. Grab your crop top and leggings and hit the studio.