Morgan Spurlock Tackles Big Chicken In A Sequel To Super Size Me


Morgan Spurlock is making “Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken!,” a sequel to his influential 2004 documentary. The original film exposed the scary truth of what happens when you commit to a McDonald’s-only diet for a full month. “Super Size Me” had a huge impact on the way we look at fast food. It was a rude awakening for a lot of people and it opened the doors for a much bigger conversation about food and health in general.

The main focus of the sequel will be on farmers who have a tiny voice compared to big chicken companies like Perdue and Tyson. Business Insider reports that brands along these lines have “suckered us into thinking we’re eating ‘natural,'” and how “the multibillion-dollar industry is destroying the lives of the farmers that raise its chickens.”

In exploring the chicken industry, known as “Big Chicken,” you’ll learn the tricks of the trade and the truth about terms like “free range chickens” and what they actually mean. Basically, prepare to have that same feeling in the pit of your stomach like you had after watching “Super Size Me.” It’s important to know the real, raw truth behind the food industry, and Spurlock is the man for the job.

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In related news, Spurlock will start his own chicken restaurant called Holy Chicken! and he’ll be transparent with how everything is produced and makes it onto your plate.

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