These 140 Highly Successful People Have One Thing In Common

Flickr / wuestenigel

Have you ever looked at your ridiculously overachieving coworker who manages to crush it at the office, keep up a workout routine and even volunteer and think, how? We all have those moments of pure awe followed by complete disappointment from feeling like that could never be us. Tim Ferriss, bestselling author of Tribe of Mentors: Short Life Advice from the Best in the World, set out to find the common thread of highly successful people. And guess what? He discovered that nearly all of the 140 industry leaders that he interviewed do the same thing every morning: meditate. 


“Despite the fact that these are people from tennis to surfing to cryptocurrency to fill-in-the-blank, like any field you can possibly imagine — some type of morning mindfulness or meditation practice would span I’d say 90% of the respondents,” Ferriss told Business Insider.

Ferriss, another industry leader, meditates for 20 minutes every morning, followed by a two-minute decompression period. Oprah and Russell Simmons are just two of numerous outrageously successful people who do it too.

So, what do you say about starting up a little morning ritual? We know we’re ready to set aside some time at the beginning of the day to clear our minds. All you need is yourself, and you can get into your own meditation — easy peasy.