Sparkling Coffee Is A Thing And It Might Give Your Seltzer A Run For Its Money

Stumptown Sparkling Cold Brew


Carbonated cold brew is a thing and it might just become your fizzy drink of choice. If you’re looking to change it up from flavored seltzer, Stumptown — the pioneering Portland-based coffee roaster — created Sparkling Cold Brew to cleanse your palate. Sparkling Cold Brew comes in three flavors: Original, Ginger Citrus and Honey Lemon.

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Coffee soda is a combination of natural ingredients including fresh juice, cold brew and carbonation. It’s sold in can form so you can easily take it anywhere. A can of Sparkling Cold Brew has half the caffeine of Stumptown’s original cold brew. This carbonated cold brew is more for casual coffee drinkers than serious cold brew devotees since the flavor of the cold brew itself isn’t as forward.

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You can find Sparkling Cold Brew at Whole Foods, at select retail locations or online. You can sip on it straight or pour the fizzy caffeinated drink over some ice. It’ll also work well in a cocktail depending on what kind of mood you’re in. We’re thinking this could be a winning summer drink right here.