Starbucks Plans To Go Strawless, Which Is Good News For Our Bodies And The Planet

Starbucks plastic straws


Good news for green Starbucks fans: The coffee chain announced plans to phase out plastic straws from all of its locations by 2020. Instead of straws, all 28,000 locations will offer strawless lids that look a bit like an adult sippy cup. It’s all part of a $10 million plan to develop cups and lids that are fully recyclable and compostable. Starbucks will also offer straws made out of paper and compostable plastic for those who really want them.

The coffee chain’s move away from plastic straws is expected to eliminate the use and eventual disposal of more than one billion plastic straws per year. According to the New Plastic Economy Report, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050. Plastic straws not only contribute to this ocean pollution, but also pose a serious threat to marine life. So this conscious reduction on the part of Starbs is definitely well-timed.

Plastic straws aren’t just bad for our environment — they’re also bad for our health. Constantly sipping through the plastic tubes can lead to unwanted gas and bloating, premature face wrinkles from puckering your lips and additional exposure to toxic chemicals in the petroleum-based plastic used to make most straws.

Starbucks plastic straws


The move away from plastic straws is positive all around. And if a coffee giant like Starbucks can make strides towards a healthier and more sustainable planet, there might be hope for a greener future after all.


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