Here’s Where To Find Your Favorite Baby Animals Around The Country This Spring

Flickr/Katmai National Park and Preserve

It’s baby animal season, people. AKA the most wonderful time of the year. The United States is warming up and new life is bursting into existence and crawling into our hearts. Here’s where you can find your favorite baby animals around the country this spring.

Black Bears and Grizzlies — Glacier National Park, Montana

You can find black bear and Grizzly bear cubs emerging from their dens in April and May, all roly-poly from winter hibernation.

Dolphins — Ship Island, Florida

Dolphins are a friendly native Florida creature, and you can spot the babies off the coast in the early spring as they get oriented in their ocean habitat.

Moose — Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Born in the spring, moose are so ugly adorable, you’ll want to adopt one. But keep your distance. Mama moose are notoriously protective.

Sea Lions — Monterey Bay, California

Sea lions are summer babies, so you’ll have the best bet of seeing these furry sea predators in June or July.

Brown Bears — Katmai National Park and Preserve, Alaska

More bears than people live around Katmai, and you can spot some of the park’s 2,000 bears year-round, but the babies arrive in the spring.