5 Things To Think About In Your Search For The Perfect Side Gig

Unsplash / The Creative Exchange

There’s no denying that we live in a world in which our careers aren’t always a straight and narrow path. Many of us turn to side gigging to make some extra cash and, in some cases, your career could be a bunch of side gigs. No matter your style, you need to know how to find the right side hustle for you. Here are five important details to consider during your search.

1. Your Time Commitment

How much time are you willing to dedicate outside of your full-time job? Or, if you’re hoping to work multiple side gigs, how are you going to split up your time accordingly? You may feel totally ecstatic about a side gig but not realize that it requires 10 more hours a week than you can afford to give. While planning your time allocation, make sure you don’t compromise any current obligations. A side gig is typically called a side gig for a reason — you can do it on the side of your main gig. Don’t forget that.

2. If You Want To Enrich Your Current Career (Or Pursue A Hidden Passion)

Are you looking into side gigs that could give you an edge in your career, or are you hoping to branch out and work on something completely unrelated that you happen to be passionate about? If it’s the latter, ask yourself why you feel so pulled to go in a different direction from your current career path. A little soul searching is definitely needed before jumping into a side gig that doesn’t remotely parallel what you’re currently working on.

Unsplash/Christin Hume

3. What You Want To Earn

You’re not just interested in gaining more experience. You’re probably in it for some extra cash, too. Don’t be ashamed of that — we’re definitely not. Just be sure to set a standard of what you’d like to earn from your side gig (or from each side gig). Make that a part of your decision to choose one over another, of course considering equally beneficial factors like… well, experience.

4. What Other Investments You’ll Have To Make

Depending on your chosen industry, your side gig might require more than simply an investment of your time. For example, video producers may need to already have equipment on hand before starting a project, and engineers may need specific software on their computers to do what they need to do. Consider any other resources you need to make your side gig happen.

5. Working With People

Do you want to work with others or do your own thing? A major factor in choosing the perfect side gig for you is creating the type of environment you personally work best in. If you’re a people person, you may not want to sign up for a freelance gig that offers a more individual approach.