This App Pays You To Make Restaurant Reservations

seated restaurant reviewing app


If you’re a normal human being, we assume that you like going out to eat. (If you don’t, we’re…sorry?) Thankfully for those of us who love treating ourselves to a nice restaurant now and then, there’s an app that will pay you to do just that. This is not a drill. Everyone, say hello to Seated.

Seated is an app that not only will help you make reservations for your favorite spots, but it will reward you for every reservation you make. The app is established in over 10 major U.S. cities and includes over 2,000 restaurants. You can search by category, name, cuisine and location.

You’re probably wondering, okay, what’s the reward?! For every reservation you make, you get a $15 credit to Amazon, Uber or Starbucks. Yep, every time you make a reservation. Think about how much money you could rack up if you’re already going out once a week or so.

There’s one slight catch: the reservations on offer generally aren’t for prime dining hours.

The app is extremely easy to use. It sets up your location right away so it knows what restaurants to feature. The great thing about the selection is that includes spots at different price points, ranging from cheap to expensive.

Dreams do come true, and you can live them out right now just by downloading this free app. Get that $15 — you deserve it.