Newsletter 5/16/18: Save $2k A Year With These Green Swaps

save $2k a year with these green swaps

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Life Hack Of The Day: Cutlery Edition

Sharpen your knives by cutting through layers of aluminum foil.

Up Your Health Game

Cue The Hiccups

Ever wonder why the hell hiccupping is a thing? Medical professionals call hiccups short bursts of inspiratory activity, which means our diaphragms are overwhelmed. You get them after eating or drinking too quickly. As long as you don’t get them a lot, there’s no reason to worry. [Swirled]

Shake It, Baby

There’s nothing worse than when your body shakes uncontrollably while trying to hold that plank. The reason? You’ve pushed your body to its maximum capacity and your muscles are at the point of fatigue. It doesn’t mean you’re not strong — the sensation is normal! [Swirled]

Exercise O’ Clock

Though you may think the morning is the best time to exercise, research shows that’s not entirely true. Reports say that muscles are 30 percent stronger at night, but ultimately, it’s best to plan your workouts around your individual body clock (when you naturally wake and go to sleep). [Business Insider]

Live Like A Boss

It’s Friday, Friday

Business magnate, investor and philanthropist Richard Branson says that living for Fridays (and your weekend) isn’t the best way to live the life you want. His advice? Enjoy the week more by making dynamic lists, finding a job you genuinely enjoy and trying new things after work. [Virgin]

Mistake? Great!

Everyone has their own way of learning from mistakes…including Google, which created an internal process for documenting and learning from failure. Keeping a record of mistakes and promoting growth — not shame — is how Google finds its way back to success every time. [Inc.]

Green Is The Color Of *Money*

Who knew going green could save you so much moola? Making eco-friendly changes, like swapping your go-to cleaning supplies for the homemade stuff, adjusting your thermostat by one degree and brewing your own coffee could save you up to $2,611 a year. [mindbodygreen]

Savor Each Bite

Just Plane Delicious

In case you didn’t know, our senses are dulled when we fly, which explains why everything up in the air tastes just…weird. Thankfully, you don’t have to compromise on your beer obsession on a plane. Betsy Beer, brewed by Cathay Pacific, is specifically designed to taste amazing at 35,000 feet. Cheers! [Swirled]

Cookie In A Cup

Our favorite mashup could not be sweeter. Cookies + fries = cookie fries! The trendy bites, which come with chocolate and caramel dipping sauces, originated at The Cookie Joint. Now, we’re spotting them at state fairs around the nation. Keep your eyes peeled! [Swirled]

Recipe Of The Day

Move over, boring pasta salad. This strawberry balsamic version takes the classic warm weather treat to new heights, and it’s easy AF to make. [A Saucy Kitchen]

Pack Your Bags

Cruise Control

Who doesn’t love an all-inclusive cruise? If you’re not sure which one to choose, consider options like Viking Cruises, which give you lots of destination choices (like the Baltic Sea and Budapest). Plus, there’s unlimited food, drinks and Wi-Fi. Even better: there’s an onboard spa. [Swirled]

Adventure Central

It’s no surprise that New Zealand has been named best country in the world. It’s especially known for its adventure activities. You can walk the gorgeous (but extreme) Milton Track, which spans 33 miles, bungee jump, skydive and do some extreme jet-boating. Hold on tight! [Swirled]

The Fast And The French

England and France are collaborating to build the first high-speed train that connects London and Bordeaux. It’s scheduled to open in 2020. Anyone itching to visit the French wine country, or the London Eye, could travel there in just under two hours. [Condé Nast Traveler]

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