If You Loved Watching Rugrats, You Have To Try These Reptar Bars


Hey, ’90s kids — remember Rugrats? Of course, you do. There was nothing better than staying home sick from school and binge-watching an entire day of the baby-filled series. If you were into the show as a child, you probably remember Reptar bars. Well, the real-life version of the cartoon candy is coming to a store near you.

Foodbeast reports that FYE (For Your Entertainment) is selling the bars starting this month. FYE is a nostalgic store in itself, so the fact that the last stores around the U.S. are carrying the bars is perfect.

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The bars include a milk chocolate exterior and a green frosting interior. Those who remember the show well will remember that the cartoon-version bars turned the kids’ tongues green. Yep, yours will turn green, too.

If you want a true blast from the past in one perfectly packaged treat, you have to find your nearest FYE location and try these Reptar bars. We’ll take 20, please.