This Texas-Sized Donut Is Bigger Than Your Head


You know what they say — everything’s bigger in Texas. This giant donut from Round Rock Donuts is no exception. For donut lovers who usually order a dozen donuts, this massive creation is perfect for you. It’s 14 inches in diameter, two pounds, glazed, frosted and sometimes sprinkled. The whole thing is about the size of 12 normal-sized donuts. This Texas-sized glazed treat is basically a celebrity in Round Rock, Texas.

There’s a signature orange tint to the donut’s glaze — the color comes from fresh eggs — which make Round Rock’s donuts stand out from the rest. Each donut is hand-rolled, cut, fried and iced. You could feed a whole family with this two-pound glazed treat.

Cut the donut up into a bunch of pieces and share it with your friends or get someone who loves donuts just as much as you and tackle this baby Lady and the Tramp-style. You can buy a dozen normal-sized donuts or one of these 14-inch babies, for $8. We need a trip to Round Rock ASAP.

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[h/t Insider]