5 Questions You Should Ask Before Buying Legit Anything

Flickr / Artificial Photography

Hey, we get it. When you have a bad day, you may feel like going to the nearest store to just splurge. Maybe, you’ve been wanting to make the purchase anyway or perhaps it’s on a whim. Regardless of how well-thought-out or impulsive the buy is, ask yourself these five questions before handing over the dough.

1. Is this a want or a need?

Every purchase has a purpose, whether it’s a necessity or something that will make you happy or your life better. If you need what you’re buying, go for it; however, if it’s simply a want, think twice about making the move.

2. Do I have room in my budget for this?

Sometimes, even necessary purchases have to be put on hold when your budget isn’t in order. It’s not ideal, but we all have to make sure that we’re financially secure before adding anything else to our lives. Ask yourself how much wiggle room you have in your bank account for the purchase, and whether you’d have to sacrifice other expenses to make it work.

Unsplash / Carli Jeen

3. How will this purchase benefit me?

Impulsive buys are our middle names, honestly. It’s okay to spend some money on yourself from time to time, even when it only makes you temporarily happy. The key is to not make a habit of it, and to spend your money on things that will elevate your life in a sustained way. For example, you may love that sweater, but if you have others, you likely won’t gain any significant long-term benefit from buying it. On the other hand, buying a tool kit has value over time because whose house or apartment doesn’t have problems that need to be fixed here and there? (And yes, we acknowledge the sweater is more fun.)

4. Do I already have something similar?

Do a mental (or literal) scan of your home and make sure you’re not doubling up on something you already have. There’s no greater fury than buying that super expensive eyeshadow palette and then later finding a similar one hiding in your pile of makeup. Don’t double-buy if you don’t have to.

5. Should I be buying this now?

Depending on the purchase, you might benefit from waiting for a sale or for when you have some cash stashed away. You also might just want to hold off on making the purchase until you have your finances in order. There’s no harm in making sure the price is right (at the right time).