If You Hate Working Out, This Is The Gym For You


Just so you know, we’re not here to tell you to get your butt to the gym. In this case, we’re actually suggesting you bag the traditional workout routine. If you’re sick and tired of the treadmill and want to have actual fun while you exercise, Pursuit OCR is for you. The massive indoor obstacle course is the most fun you’ll ever have working out, guaranteed.

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Pursuit OCR, which is located in Toronto, Canada, is the place to go if you want to feel like a kid again. The facility offers 10,000 square feet of obstacle courses, racing games, exercise classes and even recovery treatments. You can check its schedule to see if any of the unconventional classes interest you. (There’s even a class dedicated to teaching you how to do a handstand!)

If you’re more interested in the play aspect, you can take advantage of the huge obstacle course in the middle of the gym. Race your friends to the finish line or just test your own strength. If you go on Sundays, you have the opportunity to fight others using a lightsaber, (provided by Pursuit OCR), which is enough to make us want to go immediately.

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There are a number of passes you can buy to visit for the day, or you can opt for a monthly package. 30 days of unlimited obstacle course use will cost you $50. You can also purchase 10 classes (which are priced separately) for $150. The facility also offers summer camp for kids at $250 for five days.

Are you ready to have the most fun possible while also breaking a sweat? Pursuit OCR is the place for you. Look no further than the nearest airport to get to Toronto STAT.