You Can Get Paid To Be A Professional Slacker In Sweden


This travel agency in Stockholm, Sweden needs job applicants interested in doing absolutely nothing.

Yes, you read that correctly. Travel agency TUI is looking for a “professional slacker.” You know, people who excel at relaxing, daydreaming and procrastinating. So if you like to lie down or have a track record of sleeping on the job, they want you.

According to the job description, the “ideal applicant takes great pride in doing as little as possible at any cost.” Other appreciated skills include having “no interest whatsoever in interacting with others” and an “impressive ability to focus on your own relaxation regardless of external distractions.” Honestly, this might be the most chill job in the history of the world.

The actual job title is “Fakeation Specialist” and the actual job duties are literally nothing. It’s an hourly gig and during your shift, you can sit in a beach chair, take a nap, read a book, meditate or listen to music. TUI’s office is inspired by Mediterranean beaches, meaning professional slackers will wear summer clothes and flip-flops while on the clock.

Sound like the solution for your lazy impulses? Applying couldn’t be easier. You can send in your personal pitch on TUI’s website, but they want nothing to do with your resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile. Just write a few sentences about why you’d be a great fit to do nothing. According to the posting, you can include a “picture or video of yourself in your most relaxing pose (preferably taken in a stressful environment) to increase your chances.”

To be frank, we’re not exactly sure why they’re paying people to do nothing, but we don’t look gift horses in the mouth — especially ones that encourage napping.

There are four spots open for January 22 to February 4, so get at ’em, mellow slackers of the world!

[h/t Travel and Leisure]