This Portable Bacon Toaster Will Feed Your Belly And Soul


Bacon lovers, we know how hard it is to make it through the day without constantly fueling your obsession. Even Michael Scott from “The Office” needed to keep a George Foreman grill by his bedside to meet his bacon breakfast in bed needs. But now you can eat bacon whenever you want wherever you want. This portable bacon toaster will turn your dreams into a salty, savory, heart-clogging reality.

The genius contraption, called The Bacon Express, can cook up to six strips of bacon in just a few minutes. It’s compatible with any type of bacon, and it includes a slide-out drip tray that will catch all of that unnecessary grease.

The best part of this kitchen tool is probably that the toaster cooks the bacon in a healthier way by allowing the oil to drip off the bacon and into the tray. You also don’t need to pre-grease the machine at all before adding the bacon. Score.

You can buy The Bacon Express for $29.99, which is a small price to pay for endless bacon. We’re not gonna lie — this seems like the best present we could ever imagine receiving this year. Bring on the bacon!