You Can Dine In the Nude At This Parisian Restaurant

We’re not afraid to admit that walking around in the nude can be pretty liberating. And Paris, a city known for its laid-back attitude towards nudity, just opened its first naked restaurant, fittingly called O’Naturel, where you’re encouraged to fully embrace yourself — even during dinner.

Insider reports that 2.6 million people in France make nudism a regular habit, so chances are that this restaurant will be a hit. O’Naturel seats 40 guests and offers your standard French menu with classics like foie gras, steak and fish, all for around $35. There’s plenty of wine available, too, if you need a little liquid courage.

Before you ask, no, your tables aren’t curtained off for any kind of privacy situation, but the view into the restaurant is blocked from the street. Metro reports that diners are led to a coatroom before dinner to hang up all of their clothes. The restaurant’s setup is an open layout with tables for two placed closely next to each other. If there was ever a time to get to know your neighbor, it’s now!

If you’re traveling through Paris in the near future, try something that scares you (like wearing your birthday suit on a first date). Who knows, maybe eating in the nude is something you’ll be into. You’ll never know until you try.