Win This Game Show And Wipe Out All Of Your Student Loan Debt

paid off game show

truTV/Jeremy Freeman

Saddled with student loan debt after four (or more) of the best years of your life, with no end in sight? We feel you. In 2017, people who paid for their own education with student loans reported an average bill of $32,731, according to the Federal Reserve. That number is enough to make us seriously rethink how much we spend on lattes and cold brews at Starbucks.

But what if you could wipe it out for good? TruTV’s newest game show “Paid Off” is putting three college grads to the test, with one lucky winner receiving the prize of a lifetime: the chance to say “sayonara” to their student loan debt.

Host and comedian Michael Torpey challenges contestants with trivia questions that put their college degrees to good use, covering topics that relate to classes they may have taken in school (and lessons they may have learned outside of the classroom), plus recent news and studies that speak to college graduates. Every week, one winner will have up to 100 percent of their student loans paid off, with TruTV writing the check.

paid off game show

truTV/Jeremy Freeman

The show, which premieres on Tuesday, July 10, at 10 p.m. EST, aims to bring the issue of student loan debt to light in a funny, yet matter-of-fact, way. Torpey personally experienced the mind-blowing amount that many Americans pay in student loan debt when he first met his wife who was working to pay off her undergrad and grad school loans. Torpey told the Washington Post that he pitched in to help, but the only way he and his wife were able to pay off the loans was through his booking an underwear ad. From there, Torpey brainstormed ways to bring attention to the student loan crisis, and his game show was born.

Think you have what it takes to win this contest and wipe out your student loans for good? Keep an eye out for casting calls in your area and tune into TruTV on Tuesdays to test your knowledge— it could really pay off.


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