Here’s Another Amazing Reason To Use More Olive Oil


If you’re someone who likes to drizzle olive oil on pretty much everything, we’re about to make your day. New research from the United Kingdom suggests that we should add brain cancer prevention to olive oil’s laundry list of health benefits thanks to a wonderful little compound called oleic acid.

Preexisting research connects oleic acid, a monounsaturated fatty acid found in olive oil, to the suppression of disease-causing activity in certain proteins in the body. So in this new study, co-author Dr. Gracjan Michlewski and his team decided to experiment with how this olive oil compound could impact miR-7 proteins specifically, which are the ones used to inhibit the formation and growth of malignant tumors in the brain. They tested the effects of oleic acid on living, human cells as well as cell extracts.


The experiments revealed that the olive oil compound limited the activity of the cell protein called Musashi homolog2, which is known for suppressing the actions of miR-7. Therefore, miR-7 proteins were better able to do their job and prevent tumor growth without restriction. These findings were recently published in the Journal of Molecular Biology.

Now, since the study observed the effects of olive oil when applied directly on a cellular level, we aren’t sure if consuming it will create these same effects. But why not give it a try, right?

“While we cannot yet say that olive oil in the diet helps prevent brain cancer, our findings do suggest that oleic acid can support the production of tumor-suppressing molecules in cells grown in the lab,” said study co-author Gracjan Michlewski in a statement. “Further studies could help determine the role that olive oil might have in brain health.”

And in the meantime, let’s remember the other major health benefits of olive oil. Studies link this healthy fat source to a reduced risk of both obesity and heart disease, as well as improved cognitive function. Pass the EVOO, please!