5 Self-Care Olive Oil Hacks That’ll Come In Clutch


Some people are olive oil purists, believing only in its culinary power. Others are proponents of making the most out of this pantry staple, even if it means using it outside of the kitchen. If you have regular olive oil and you don’t mind sparing a bit for self-care, you’ll be surprised how helpful it can be beyond using it to cook.

1. Remove Eye Makeup

Olive oil has a combination of healthy fats like Vitamin E and Vitamin A, which makes it great for taking off oil-based makeup, as well as moisturizing dry skin. Since makeup is usually made of oils and waxes, it makes sense that something with a similar chemical structure could remove it. When you’re in a bind and don’t have any makeup remover, dab a little olive oil on a cotton pad and get rid of your eye makeup. If you have very sensitive skin, this might not be the right solution for you.

One of the biggest selling points out there when it comes to skin care products is the concept of “oil-free.” The beauty industry has taught us that oil-free makeup is better and we usually believe it. Who wants to use an oily cleanser if you already feel oily? The issue here is that if we strip our skin of all its natural oils, our skin will just produce more natural oil to compensate. This is where natural products like argan oil and olive oil come in handy.

2. Natural Shaving Cream

If you’re prone to razor burn, you may want to try subbing out your shaving cream for olive oil. Commercialized brands of shaving cream are often packed with chemicals and fake scents that’ll leave your shaving area dry and irritated. Since olive oil can be used as a natural moisturizer, just rub the EVOO over the area you’re going to shave and go at it with a razor. Your skin and your wallet with thank you.


3. Hair Mask

Hair products can be expensive these days. If you have some EVOO lying around your pantry and you have the urge to give your hair some royal treatment, make an olive oil mask. It can make your hair softer, keep it conditioned and strengthen it. Since olive oil is fairy light, it works well for most hair types. For dry and frizzy hair, here’s an olive oil and honey mask. For a deep hydration mask, try a coconut oil and olive oil mask.

4. Soften Your Lips

Especially during the winter, we have to think about our lips. No one wants dry, cracked lips, that’s a given. It seems like beauty products get more expensive by the day and a tub of good quality lip balm can run you a pretty penny. Instead, smear a little bit of olive oil on your lips whenever they start to feel dry. Maybe give your lips a little hydration before bed.

5. Cuticle Conditioner

For anyone who has ever gotten a manicure, you’ve probably seen your manicurist rub a little oil on your cuticles at some point. Brittle nails result from overly-dried nail beds and cuticles, which could be a reason why your nails don’t grow at the speed you want. Warm up a little dish of olive oil and let your nails soak for about 15 minutes to a half hour. Massage the olive oil into your nails in a circular motion until it’s all rubbed in.

If you notice there’s a little olive oil left in the bottle, try a few of these household hacks. If you could have lip balm, shaving cream, a hair mask, cuticle conditioner and makeup remover all in one, you’ll be saving yourself some hard-earned dollars.