These 5 Restaurant Chains Have Solid Options If You Have A Nut Allergy


If you have a nut allergy (or worse — a severe nut allergy), you know the struggle of eating everything with an EpiPen at the ready. Airplanes that used to give out peanuts as snacks were a nightmare, restaurants are still a nightmare and you’re tired of wondering if your food is safe to eat. We get it, and we’re happy to say that these five restaurant chains have surprisingly good options that accommodate your allergy. Though we can’t guarantee you’re 100 percent in the clear, these restaurants offer a lot of incredible foods other restaurants don’t.

1. Chipotle

We’re gonna go ahead and name this restaurant chain the winner of the bunch. Chipotle proudly states on its allergen page that none of its ingredients or dishes include peanuts or tree nuts. That means the sky is the limit. You can order a burrito, a bowl, a taco, queso or all four. Power to the peanut-less!

2. Olive Garden

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If Chipotle is the king of nut-free food options, Olive Garden is the queen (or second king? Maybe they’re both queens?). Olive Garden is another massive restaurant chain that not only offers an allergen guide online, but also offers a full peanut-free menu. That means every item on the regular menu (excluding specials), according to the website, is made without peanuts or tree nuts. Just to be sure, ask your server to prepare your meal with your allergy in mind, as per protocol.

3. Red Robin

Though it’s a national chain, Red Robin is often underrated and overlooked when compared to, well, Chipotle. Not anymore! The restaurant has an interactive page that allows you to choose your allergy (or multiple allergies, if applicable) and it will show you every menu item that doesn’t include the ingredient in question. Some great nut-free options include BBQ pork-loaded chips, fish and chips and the mighty caesar salad. Keep in mind, though, that the page says “From time to time we may substitute products due to inventory shortages. We can’t be sure that the substitute products will be free of the allergen you wish to avoid.”

4. P.F. Chang’s

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If you’re interested in sushi or Chinese for dinner, but are scared of crossing paths with a rogue peanut or cashew (to be fair, there are a lot of nut-based dishes in Americanized Chinese fare), head to P.F. Chang’s. The chain has an allergy webpage that details whether each particular menu item includes the ingredient you need to avoid. In a nut allergy case, almost all of the menu items are still up for grabs, including all the street fare and dim sum items. Just in case, check with your server to ensure each food has not come into contact with any peanuts or tree nuts.

5. California Pizza Kitchen

California Pizza Kitchen is another excellent example of fast, yet allergy-free, food options. There’s a lot to sift through on the menu, so to make things easier, check out the restaurant’s allergy webpage, which includes which items are peanut-less. You can indulge in yummy items like the Baja chicken rolls, the shaved mushroom and spinach flatbread and the California veggie pizza, among many others. As always, ask the staff to make sure not to cook your meal in the proximity of other dishes that may include nuts.