6 Parts Of Your Everyday Routine You Shouldn’t Rush


You’re probably tired of hearing motivational sayings like, “Life is too short” or, “Savor every moment.” TBH though, you don’t always have time to stop and smell the daisies. You can make an effort though not to rush through certain parts of your day. There are serious benefits to taking it slow with the six daily routines below, even when you think you’re short on time. Trust us on this one.

1. Breakfast

Making time for breakfast before heading to work can be tough. But it’s also widely believed that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Carve out an extra 10 or 15 minutes to make yourself a balanced breakfast. Then actually sit down and enjoy it. Have a hot beverage while you’re at it, and just relax.

2. Your Monday Morning Agenda

Monday mornings are all about scrambling, but do they have to be that way? No, they don’t. Make sure to allot some extra time to planning your week out. It doesn’t have to be extensive — just a few more minutes than you usually spend. It’ll ultimately save you time and stress. Start with planning the rest of your day, then write down a few key tasks you want to accomplish the rest of the week. You’ll be more productive than ever.

3. Moisturizing

Taking the time to moisturize should be non-negotiable. Why? Because your body deserves it and you deserve it. Five extra minutes is all you need to moisturize after showering without missing a spot. Your body will thank you. It can be an extremely mindful experience.

4. Your Commute

When we say not to rush through your commute, we’re not exactly talking about the time it will take you to get from your home to work. That part really isn’t in your control. What is in your control is how you use your commute time. Bring a book, listen to music or just focus on the day ahead. Use the time wisely. Bonus: giving yourself a few minutes of extra time to get from point A to point B will save you the stress of running late.

5. Doing The Dishes

No one likes to spend time doing the dishes, we get it. But have you ever rushed through cleaning a big pile of dishes only to come back and realize one wasn’t cleaned properly? Yeah, then you have to clean the dish again, which takes up more time. Do yourself a solid and take the time to thoroughly wash each dish. While you’re at it, take a few extra seconds to scrub your sink, which can get dirty AF.

6. Saying Hello

It seems simple, but saying hello is important. Taking the time to actually look someone in the eye and ask how they’re doing is more meaningful than you realize. The connections you make can truly change your life for the better, and the lives of others too. So slow it down and really get to know someone.