There’s A Ninja Restaurant In Tokyo And It’s The Definition Of Stealth


Need a covert meeting space for an oh-so-secretive mission? Ninja Akasaka, a legitimate ninja restaurant, is located in Chiyoda, Toyko, and it’s the definition of stealth.

The restaurant has a hidden entrance and kicks off your dining experience with ninja training. Servers, who are dressed in black as ninjas, usher patrons through winding, wooden, narrow alleyways by lantern light. The path resembles the inside of an ancient Japanese castle or fortress, and the walls are even decorated with treasure chests and all sorts of cool details.

The food is Japanese but with a good amount of American twists. Each reservation group gets a private room that looks like a mini ninja village, and you have to take off your shoes to step inside. (When you need to use the bathroom, which looks like it’s been carved out of rock, a staff member gives you slippers to use.)

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The ninja servers take your food and drink orders and then disappear into the night. All of the food is ninja-themed, and you just might get a sword delivered with your meal if you’re lucky. Ninja magicians also appear throughout the meal to do all kinds of interactive tricks, providing some seriously crafty dinner entertainment.

This ninja restaurant isn’t cheap, but it might be one of the best theme restaurants in Tokyo. According to the Ninja Akasaka website, about 40 percent of their customers are foreign, which means there’s still a solid number of people from Tokyo seeking out this ninja-themed spot. It must be the real deal.

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