We Tried Chipotle’s New Queso And Here’s Our Verdict


It’s a really big deal when Chipotle alters its menu or adds to its offering. And for years, we have all been dying for the day when the chain would start serving queso. Chipotle finally listened to our prayers and debuted queso in select locations in various states, as well as at its test kitchen in Manhattan. We got our hands on some before the dip goes nationwide, and we have a lot to say.

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We had high hopes for the queso when we first heard about it — Chipotle is big on quality and is known to avoid processed foods and added chemicals. So, the fact that it’s 100 percent natural is a plus.

The queso, which is made of all natural ingredients like milk, cheese cultures, tomatillo, onion and bell pepper, isn’t that bright orange gunk that you buy in a can and it doesn’t drip in smooth ribbons the way Velveeta can (we have love for you, ‘Veeta, but we know you’re not real).

Our Verdict

We love Chipotle’s queso. The texture isn’t super smooth, but to be honest, queso made from real cheese typically isn’t. The taste won us over more than anything. There’s just enough of a kick to make each bite interesting, and the cheese is fairly mild, so the flavor profiles of the onion, peppers and spices shine through.

Adding queso was a great move for Chipotle. We’d happily get the queso again, but this time we’re asking for a full cup. #NoRegrets