5 Natural Ways To Reduce Jet Lag Symptoms


No one likes taking a trip overseas or coming home from an incredible vacation abroad when you know switching back to your normal time zone is gonna be rough. You don’t have to “rough it,” though. These natural jet lag remedies will get you back on your feet in no time.

1. Start your new sleep schedule a few days before you head to your destination.

If you’re heading west,¬†go to bed later than you normally would. If you’re heading east, go to bed earlier.

2. During your flight, eat and sleep according to your destination’s time zone.

You’ll feel more on track once you land if you’ve started on a normal eating and sleeping schedule. Your circadian rhythm will pick up on it and assume that you’ve already made it to where you’re going.

3. Drink a ton of water.

Traveling already wreaks havoc on your body by dehydrating you, but tack on a whacked out circadian rhythm and you’re done for. Combat this by drinking as much water as you possibly can handle to regulate your body and keep you fresh.

4. Stay away from sleeping pills.

Though they may seem to help you get back on a normal sleeping schedule, sleeping pills can make you groggy for an extended amount of time. They’re not a natural way of helping you adjust to your new bedtime.

5. When you arrive at your destination, get outside.

The National Sleep Foundation reports that you’ll be more acclimated to your new time zone if you’re out in the sun. Exposure to daylight is surprisingly helpful when you need to get back into the groove.

Don’t underestimate how nasty jet lag can be. Instead of having fun on your vacay or trying to get back on track at home, there’s a good chance you’ll be unhappy if you don’t take precautions. We promise every extra step will be worth it.