35 Percent Of Americans Have Eaten An Entire Package Of Cookies In One Setting


Even though most of us may celebrate cookies on a weekly (or daily) basis, the classic dessert deserves a designated time to shine. And National Cookie Day, more than anything, is a prime excuse to eat more cookies.

The researchers at National Today conducted a Cookie Day survey with 1,000 Americans to give you some insight into the world of cookie eating. You might not realize other people’s personal cookie habits since, chances are, no one else is making this information public. But now we can all enjoy each other’s indulgent secrets.

Researchers found that 35 percent of Americans have eaten an entire package of cookies in one sitting, and 70 percent eat cookies at least once a week. Looks like a lot of us get serious cases of the munchies.


And a solid 33 percent of Americans prefer raw cookie dough to baked cookies — 21 percent say they’ve set out with the goal to bake cookies but ended up eating all of their dough raw instead. Whoops. It’s no wonder that cookie dough companies like  have soared in popularity this year. People love the raw stuff.

If you were wondering which cookies Americans can agree on, 8 percent of Americans like Keebler, 9 percent like Pepperidge Farm, 17 percent like Girl Scout cookies, 21 percent like Chips Ahoy and 35 percent like Oreo. There’s no doubt that Oreo takes the cake.

Whether you like to bake your own or store-bought treats are your comfort zone, one thing remains true: you gotta love National Cookie Day.