You Can Use A Top Coat Layer To Remove Your Nail Polish

nail polish removing trick

Unsplash/Analia Baggiano

There are few things as agitating as a severely chipped manicure. Before you get so frustrated that you’re tempted to bite each of your precious nails, you reach for the nail polish remover to remedy the situation. However, we’ve all been caught without a bottle of acetone on hand when we needed it most. (Yes, it’s a first world problem, but yes, the struggle is still real.)

Luckily, there’s another easy way to remove that unsightly old polish when you don’t have any nail polish remover lying around. Just reach for that top coat!

Yep, the beautifully clear liquid that creates that perfect satin sheen on each of your fingertips also has the ability to remove your manicure entirely. When you apply a wet layer to a nail wearing a layer of dry polish, the two layers adhere enough for you remove each of them with one swipe of a cotton swab. Bless.

nail polish removing trick
Reshot/Karlina Vina

The more we think about it now, the more it makes sense. There have been countless times when we skipped the salon and painted our nails ourselves only to fudge our final pinky finger with the top coat layer. Whether we bump it on the table or touch two fingers together by accident, all of the polish comes clean off with a single smudge. Well, that’s exactly what you want to happen in this case.

Of course, you should still make a point to restock your nail polish remover stash so you don’t waste a bunch of your pretty top coat on cotton balls. (That’s just silly.) But it works when you’re in a pinch!

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