6/14/19 Newsletter: Must-Try 2-Ingredient Face Mask

matcha face mask

Argan Republic

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1. R&R: Matcha & Manuka Honey Face Mask

Matcha powder and Manuka honey are the two powerhouse ingredients that make a mask that’s almost too good to be true. This mask can help you fight under-eye puffiness, reduce the appearance of those dark circles and soothe any lingering redness (looking at you, sunburn). Combine equal parts Manuka honey and matcha powder in a bowl and mix until the ingredients are well combined. Wash your face as you normally would then apply the sticky mask mixture directly to your skin using your fingertips. Let the mask sit for a few minutes then wet your hands and gently rub the mixture in circular motions on your face. Rinse it off with warm water and apply your favorite moisturizer. [Swirled]

2. Life Hack Of The Day: Speakers Edition

If your speakers are out of juice, try this simple trick. Place your phone into an (empty!) drinking glass or a bowl. It will boost the volume of its speakers and let everyone hear what a great DJ you are.

3. Workout Of The Week: Downward-Facing Dog

Downward-facing dog is one of the most common and effective yoga poses, so make sure you’re completing it correctly. Start in a table-top position with your knees directly beneath your hips and your hands slightly ahead of your shoulders. Press your palms and fingers into the floor, tuck your toes and lift your hips up toward the ceiling. As you straighten your legs, reach your heels down toward the floor (it’s okay if they don’t touch). Keep your thighs engaged, your hips reaching upward and your shoulders externally rotated as you breathe. When you’re ready, return to the starting position to rest. By incorporating this and other yoga poses into your morning or nighttime routine you can create long and lean muscles and build strength daily. [Swirled]

4. What To Eat: Chili and Lime Cucumbers

When the temperature heats up, nothing tastes better than a hydrating snack like cucumbers. Try this easy recipe to make them more interesting. Slice the cucumbers into quarter-inch slices, squeeze fresh lime juice over the top and sprinkle with chili powder and a bit of salt. They are great as an appetizer or spicy midday snack. [Chili Pepper Madness]

5. Dream Destination: Pacific City, Oregon

Summertime is all about finding that perfect beach spot, and the Pacific Northwest has some of the best around, like Pacific City, Oregon. The quaint beach offers everything from surfing to crabbing, kayaking and endless stretches of coastline to stroll along. When you’re done exploring, end your day at Pelican Brewing Company that’s — wait for it — a beachfront brewery. Cheers! [Coastal Living]

6. Wild Card: 23andMe

You get your height and your sense of humor from Dad but what about your eye color, or early-riser status? See how much you and dad truly have in common with a kit from 23andMe. Celebrate Father’s Day and give your dad the gift of 125+ personalized reports including health, traits and more. Discover your ancestry and more — get started today! [23andMe]

Editors’ Picks:

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