Here Are The Most Popular Super Bowl Foods In Every State


With gameday right around the corner, we’re all trying to figure out what the hell we want to eat. (After all, what good are televised sports without some tasty snacks on the table?) And Google just revealed how dramatically American taste buds can vary with a list of the most searched Super Bowl recipes in every state over the course of the past week.

We’re pretty jealous that everyone in Kentucky is eating fondue for the Super Bowl. That’s fancy AF. Alaska is slightly questionable, searching for dill pickle dip with dried beef, but hey, do what makes you happy, Alaska. And chili, of course, holds its ground across the board as one of the most popular recipes, next to jalapeño poppers and buffalo chicken dip.


Check out the list below of each state’s favorite way to snack during the Super Bowl.

1. Alabama: Chicken recipe
2. Alaska: Dill pickle dip with dried beef
3. Arizona: Green chicken enchilada recipe
4. Arkansas: Five bean chili
5. California: Fried rice recipe
6. Colorado: Baked chicken wings recipe
7. Connecticut: Buffalo chicken dip recipe
8. Delaware: Stuffed peppers recipe
9. D.C.: Pizza bites recipe
10. Florida: Shrimp recipe
11. Georgia: Ham bologna turkey sub recipe
12. Hawaii: Nacho recipe
13. Idaho: Potato recipe
14. Illinois: Philly cheesesteak recipe
15. Indiana: Chicken recipe
16. Iowa: Stromboli recipe
17. Kansas: Calzone recipe
18. Kentucky: Fondue recipe
19. Louisiana: Pork tenderloin recipe
20. Maine: Chicken wing recipe
21. Maryland: Crab dip recipe
22. Massachusetts: Chili recipe
23. Michigan: Chili recipe
24. Minnesota: Chili recipe
25. Mississippi: Green beans with beef broth recipe
26. Missouri: Chili recipe
27. Montana: Bacon shrimp recipe
28. Nebraska: Cream cheese jalapeño hamburger recipe
29. Nevada: Potato recipe
30. New Hampshire: Chicken wing recipe
31. New Jersey: Buffalo chicken dip recipe
32: New Mexico: Ranch spinach dip recipe
33. New York: Chili recipe
34. North Carolina: Jalapeño poppers recipe
35. North Dakota: Pizza sauce recipe
36. Ohio: Philly cheesesteak recipe
37. Oklahoma: French onion cream dip recipe
38. Oregon: Clam chowder recipe
39. Pennsylvania: Chili recipe
40. Rhode Island: Baked ziti recipe
41. South Carolina: Crab dip recipe
42. South Dakota: Marinara sauce recipe
43. Tennessee: Jalapeño poppers recipe
44. Texas: Chili recipe
45. Utah: Jalapeño poppers recipe
46. Vermont: Chicken breast tender recipe
47. Virginia: Buffalo chicken dip recipe
48. Washington: Jalapeño poppers recipe
49. West Virginia: Pork carnitas tacos recipe
50. Wisconsin: Chili recipe
51: Wyoming: Ground beef recipe

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