This Is The Most Expensive Cup Of Coffee In America

Blake Richard Verdoorn

Until recently, San Francisco was the city with the most expensive cup of coffee in the US, as well as the second most expensive. Those honors belonged to Blue Bottle’s $16 Port of Mohka brew, sourced from Yemen, and Equator’s $15 Finca Sophia, cultivated in Panama.

But now, a new city and coffee shop on the other side of the country have taken the mantle of the priciest cup of coffee in America. Located in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, Extraction Lab is a brand new shop where the drinks range from $3 to a whopping $18 for the most exotic blends.

Presumably, part of the reason Extraction’s coffee is so steep is because of its insane machinery.

Extraction Lab also serves as the New York headquarters of Alpha Dominiche, the makers of Steampunk, an ultra high-end “full-immersion, single-cup, semi-automated vacuum brewer” for coffee and tea. Two machines cost $13,900, and Extraction Lab has eight in the shop alone. If money is no object, pastries are also available.