Watch This Man Practically Risk Life And Limb To Make The Perfect Mochi

YouTube/Great Big Story

The sight of watching an insanely fast mochi maker in Japan work his magic is totally nuts. The whole mochi-making process involves aggressive pounding, smashing and flipping glutinous rice at crazy high speeds. It’s pretty much a sport. Check it out for yourself.

Mochi making is pretty risky business, and in making three pounds of mochi per second, Mitsuo Nakatani doesn’t f**k around. Mochi makers have to be in complete coordination or chances are, someone’s going to get hurt.

Mochi is a Japanese snack that confuses people. It’s mushy, soft, sweet, gelatinous, sometimes filled with ice cream and weirdly satisfying. The tiny dessert ball is a pounded sticky rice cake that comes in all different flavors and varieties.

Hungry tourists come from all over to watch the highly-respected Nakatani in his element. We’re in awe.